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In the new zone file, you will see the SOA record and name servers. The usage of a reverse DNS setup for a mail server is a good solution. Other keywords assign values to options like the timeout interval. We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network. However, this limit can be increased by contacting the AWS support. An A record points a domain name to the IP address of the hosting server. In this format, one can thus identify the date the version was created. Which Certifications Should I Get?

These messages do not show up anywhere in the Essentials portal logs. Using the IP address, you can get the associated domain or host name. Windows users need to open a command prompt to flush the DNS cache. Each hosted zone has its own metadata and configuration information. This is because the actual name resolution occurs in these records. Terminate the instances that use the oldest launch configuration. DNS name of the server that is providing that particular service. Allows you to split your traffic based on different weights assigned. So should I expect some period of email downtime ie delivery failures?

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Notice that there are multiple MX records each with a different preference value.